Fetal Assure Doppler Units are highly sensitive ultrasound devices that are used for detecting and monitoring fetal heartbeats, usually as early as 10-12 weeks gestation. These Dopplers can be rented on a monthly basis, and are the same units used by doctors, midwives and obstetricians. The units are small, handheld and portable.

Fetal Assure Doppler Units are perfect for the first-time mother-to-be, high risk pregnancies, or for anyone who desires constant reassurance, at their convenience. It is also a wonderful way to connect with your child before birth, and to allow other family members or friends to share this experience with you.

We advise all of our customers to use this product prudently with the consent and consultation of their physicians. All Doppler Units rented or sold by Fetal Assure are licensed with Health Canada’s Medical Devices Regulation Bureau.

100% SAFE

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) has addressed the concerns relating to the safety of ultrasound and has issued the following statement as of March 1993: “No confirmed biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposure at intensities typical of present diagnostic ultrasound instruments have ever been reported. Although the possibility exists that such biological effects may be identified in the future, current data indicate that the benefits to patients of the prudent use of diagnostic ultrasound outweigh the risks, if any, that may be present. Prudent use on the mother’s part would include minimizing the length of time that she listens to the baby’s heartbeat on each occasion.” 

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limited number available!

$130 + 22 Express Post Shipping (Canada Post) for a gently used Imex Elite 100 Fetal Doppler, manufactured by Nicolet Vascular in the United States. This model is of exceptional quality and durability and comes with a 3Mhz probe. There are also a limited amount of gently used digital display dopplers available for $200 plus + $22 Express Post shipping and tax(es) (model Imex Elite 200, also medical grade and manufactured in the United States.

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